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FS: Jecklin Float Power Supply (Perth)

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Item:   Jecklin Float Power Supply
Location:  Perth suburbs, North of the River
Price:  Make a Donation to Stereonet,  plus shipping.
Item Condition:  Used, but looks OK.  
Reason for selling:  Spare, and of no interest to me as I don't have the headphones.
Payment Method:   Send Marc the money however he would like it. 
Extra Info:  For "sale" is a Jecklin FLOAT Power Supply.  It was made in Switzerland it says. Go on - read it in the picture.

It is old.  The a/c plug is possibly an old Hong Kong-style, as the former owner was from Hong Kong.  I have no idea if it works or not.

As for condition, it seems OK.  I gave it a bit of a clean on the outside, but have not had a look inside.

Does it work?  Dunno, with a capital D.

Yes, I know this advert is written in a flippant style, but as it is not a major FOR SALE ad., but  I didn't care.

If this doesn't go within a short time, it will end up in the shed awaiting a trip to the Balcatta Recycling Station.

Jecklin Float Power Supply 01 Rear.JPG

Jecklin Float Power Supply 02 Front.JPG

Jecklin Float Power Supply 03  Plug.JPG

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Guest scumbag
Just now, Antipodean Brad said:

I rather think that the one you linked is a new version of the one I am getting rid of.

That's what I meant. I think it's (i.e the unit you're selling) an old iteration of this (the new unit I linked to).

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