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FS: Michaelson & Austin Amp and Preamp

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Item: TVA-1 and TVP-1
Location: Brisbane
Price: $ 2400 for both items.
Item Condition: Needs servicing
Reason for selling: Downgrading
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash
Extra Info: Vintage valve amp and preamp, have been used on and off since early eighties. Preamp has a burnt resistor and hard to get a schematic for servicing. Amp (75 watts power) has one channel out; needs servicing. Have plenty of extra used but working valves. I can't afford repairs to these rare English items. The TVA-1 weighs 32 kilos; suitable for someone in Brisbane who is familiar with valves. 





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I have had good use from this amp over the years. Hate to have part with it, however it IS getting a little long in tooth. I know nothing about electronics and need someone to have a look at it and restore it to some of its former glory. Thank you for your interest.



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12 hours ago, Lansche plasma guy said:

Excellent power amp!!!!! And rare.

Good luck with the sale.

These power amps are too nice to not be lovingly restored and cared for.



Tell us about it for any prospective buyer looks interesting pls

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The TVA-1 is a great amp, I heard it when it first came out in 79, Richard Timmins (head reviewer for HIFI Review) had one in his small shop at Cremorne, sounded great very good (massive for 75w) output transformers I thought was it's secrete. And the supply transformer was no midget either.


This is how they looked new. 



Just look at how big those output transformer are next the the KT88's



Here's the circuits should the buyer want it.






Cheers George

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