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WTB: Black 2 seater home theatre seating


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Item: Black 2 Seater Home Theater Seating
Price Range: Ideally up to $400 but will go to $500 if it's a bargain!
Item Condition: New or used, just generally in good condition.
Extra Info: 

- Based in the Barossa Valley (SA) but happy to pick up anywhere within 2-3 hours travel.

- Black/Mostly Black

- Electric would be great but not a must.

- Leather or Faux Leather/Leather Look (will consider suede) 

- Must recline

- Drink holders would be nice

- Separated by arm rest

- "Slimline" (not the big puffy ones)

- Attached some images for reference.

- Open to 2 matching single seat recliners instead.


The Mrs has given me a budget and will let me go out and buy them for $400-$500. If I can't find anything I will just have to wait to buy new! I seem to see plenty interstate but hoping I can find some locally.


If found via Stereonet, will happily make a $20 donation.



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