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Ice Ice Baby. Pass B1 buffer & Ice Power 125asx


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Intact audio/ Slagle autoformer volume attenuator

Nelson Pass B1 buffer with obligato caps and Amtrans resistors (in signal path) with the output impedance set to 39ohms


just pick up a B&O ice power ASX125 module. always wanted to try one as i’ve read lots of Love/Hate things about it on forums. At $180 delivered i’m hoping to prefer it over my Naksa 70


Currently the buffer is powered by a 15v LPSU i may try it with the icepower aux DC supply and a regulator27756084ae21827f71999947e03670d7.jpg


Everything fits in my musiclabs integrated amp chassis.

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1 minute ago, Hatlesschimp said:

Subbed. I have to get my 50asx2 up and going and need to do something like this. Thanks mate



Not sure if it's any good yet. Nothing is properly screwed down as well.

My only issue with the Ice module was the low input impedance - I read that it can drop to 6Kohms 
The original B1 buffer is set to 1k output impedance and would not have worked well. Someone on DIYaudio recommended the 39ohn resistor instead of the 1K resistor - 

I love the grain free sound of the autoformers but had bass roll off when using it as a stand alone passive unit. Will try one of those IC volume attenuators (muses, burr brown) one day.



EBAY has cheap B1 buffer copies. I bought mine off DIY PASS. 

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@Hatlesschimp  Amp is fired up. 
Class D B&O is good. Bass is deep and tight. High are there and not grainy. Detail is amazing I'm hearing minor detail in a few songs that I've never heard before. Imaging is there. Not as warm sounding as my  Naksa 70.
I don't know why people are complaining about Class D amps. Ok, maybe it won't compete with amps many thousands of dollars and can be considered too neutral for most people.


I think I might start drilling holes into the chassis soon to screw everything in.


@bvuka2013 you need to hear this with your whatmoughs & S600's one day.

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