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SOLD: SOLD: PS Audio Sprout Headphone Amplifier

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Item: PS Audio Sprout Headphone Amplifier
Location: Len Wallis Audio HQ, 64 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
Price: $575
Item Condition: Excellent 2nd Hand Condition with original packaging.
Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer
Delivery: Free for this item, anywhere in Australia!
Extra Info:
A truly modern DAC with a fully integrated Class D 50 watts per channel amplifier. There are Phono inputs, USB Audio input at 192/24, Analog input, Wireless Bluetooth and a quality headphone amplifier within a surprisingly small footprint. Constructed of stainless steel, extruded aluminium, and walnut - this is superb value.

Unit Weight    1.32 Kg
Unit Dimensions    15.3cm x 20.4cm x 4.5cm
Shipping Weight    2.3 Kg
Shipping Dimensions    57cm x 33cm x 15cm

Power requirements
Input Power    Model specific 120VAC, or 230VAC 50 or 60Hz (Australian, 230 VAC sold here)
Power Consumption    <10W idle, 125W maximum
Phono Audio Input
Connector    RCA (X2)
Cartridge type    Moving Magnet
Cartridge Output (5cm/s)    2mV to 50mV
Cartridge load impedance    47KΩ(100pF)
Equivalent Input Noise    <1.6uV
S/N ratio    >80dB (@analog output, ref 4VRMS maximum output)

Analog Audio Inputs
Connector    3.5mm stereo input
Input level    2.0VRMS (+6dBV)
Input impedance    10KΩ

Analog Audio Output
Connector    3.5mm stereo connector can be used for subwoofer or amplifier feeds
Output level, nominal (@ rated cartridge input)    1.0V (0dBV) with 5mV cartridge at reference level (volume at 100%)
Output level, maximum    4.0VRMS (+12dBV) maximum, Full scale digital or vinyl at +12dB over reference (volume at 100%)
Output Impedance    220Ω
S/N ratio    >94dB (@analog output, ref 4VRMS maximum output)
THD (power amp)    <0.03% (1W 50Hz-10KHz)
<0.1% at rated power, 1KHz, 120VAC mains

S/PDIF Digital Input
Connector    RCA (Coax)
Impedance    75Ω
Format    PCM

USB Input
Connector    USB “B” Type
Format    PCM
Transfer mode    Asynchronous
S/N ratio digital    >102dB (@analog output, ref 4VRMS maximum output)
Bluetooth > Antenna    Built in
DAC >  Uses Sprout’s built in asynchronous DAC over S/PDIF

Stereo Power Amplifier Output
8Ω loudspeakers connected    32 watts per channel, both channels driven
4Ω loudspeakers connected    50 watts per channel, both channels driven

Headphone Output Power
16Ω headphones    1W (1KHz, 1% THD)
300Ω headphones connected    200mW (1KHz, <0.03% THD)

Headphone Output Impedance
From 10Hz to 10kHz    <0.3 Ohm




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