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Audio tehnica or standard pioneer cartridge?

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probably an amatuer question...

how good is the inexpensive audio technica at95 cartridge?

spec sheet says 3mv 20hz-20khz

my current pioneer pc-240 cartridge spec sheet says 2.5mv 10hz-30khz (this would be one hell of a task with a conical diamond tip i would think?)

I have thought about an upgrade of stylus, or as suggested by someone knowledgable - changing the cartridge to the at95 and using a hyper eliptical/line contact stylus. AT95HE using a soundring stylus.

Surely the original pioneer cartridge is not that bad? 

Is upgrading the pioneer stylus to hyper eliptical or even a shiabata style tip (option available via turntable needles.com) worth it?


Cheers in advance to the brains trust




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Cheers, will try at95he

can be swapped to upgaded turntable at late date.

currently for a mid 90’s pioneer pl-355 that has only recently been taken out of the box.

the rest of the system is adequate, but not “high end”

Richter harlequin series 1

Little yamaha amp (clean enough power at my listening level)




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I installed and set up cartridge and stylus yesterday...

Holy smoke, I was expecting the difference to be a little more subtle...

I made sure the old conical stylus was clean and ran a test record then ran the same record when the new catridge was set up, was a good test as the Glockenspiel test track on the new cartridge was MILES apart.


General music,

A snare drum actually sounds like a snare drum...

bass sounds different.

voice is a little more clear,

I Played John Mellencamp and you would swear that he was standing a few metres in front.

i can hear vast difference in orchestral tracks  (John Williams... Star wars etc... I mean i’m not that old) instruments seem to stand out that didn’t stand out before - brass instruments are actually separated, stringed instruments are more real sounding


Cheers for the encouragement to take the plunge



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