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Q Acoustics 3020 sub pairing

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Hi all,

Just starting out building a decent 2.1 setup for casual music listening + the occasional movie in my living room (4x4m) and recently bought myself a pair of Q Acoustics 3020s second hand as well as a cheapish receiver (Onkyo TX-DS595) for $340

It sounds pretty good to my untrained ears but definitely noticing a lack of punch on the low end so I've been looking at sub options.

I've been scouring gumtree and facebook and so far have found these two:

NHT Super 8 for $300 (but probably another 40 for shipping from perth)

Q Acoustics 3070 for $280 (local)

Are these good deals or is there anything else I should be looking at? Ideally looking to spend no more than $300 on the sub as I'm just starting out.

Anything else I should be looking at for most bang for buck? Get better cables/other budget stereo amp options?


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the 3070 i would pass.. never heard one or had one but find many user/reviews saying it lacks as a sub.


just had a look at gumtree Melbourne region.. you can forget any Jensen or db dynamics (had both.. junk)

from readings REL "seem" to be good for music with some movies. i am sure others will post ideas. but usually a "sealed" sub is what you are looking for

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