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SOLD: FS:Focal Alpha 50 Power Monitor in LTD White (Pair) + Passive Balanced Pre + 2 sets of XLR 1.5m + IsoAcoustics L8R-155 Stands

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Item: Focal Alpha 50 Power Monitor in LTD White (Pair) + Passive Balanced Pre + 2 sets of XLR 1.5m + IsoAcoustics L8R-155 Stands
Location: VIC 3030
Price:  $595
Item Condition: MINT. Less than 3 weeks old
Reason for selling: Upgrade
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


I am first owner of all of these items. I got them less than 3 weeks ago to learn more about powered bookshelf speakers (monitors). I have gone through a lot of powered monitors and try to find one that is ideal not for monitoring but for music listening and found this Focal was the most ideal that I could find and I was very impressed. It has Class AB amp for Each of Tweeter and Woofer separately and it goes down to 45Hz. It has tight, non flabby bass and goes down very low and I hear rumble with these speakers. 


After hearing this, I no longer desire LS50W active speakers. If someone wants bookshelf speakers then this would be one hell of speakers for the purpose.

Only reason for selling is that I recently got tube amp that I like a lot and want to pair it with good passive floorstanders.


I have receipt for speakers and still have 12 months Australian warranty. 


I will also throw 3 bonus items (all new) listed below;


+  New IsoAcoustics L8R-155 Stands. Perfect for the speaker.

+ New Passive Balanced/SE Preamplifer. It takes both XLR & RCA for input as well as output. It means that you can do XLR (IN) - RCA (OUT), RCA (IN) - XLR (OUT), XLR (IN) - XLR (OUT), RCA (IN)-XLR (OUT.)

   So many choices. The build quality is rock solid. It is much better than Schiit Sys and Perfectly match with Schiit gear.  It can be stacked on other Schiit gears nicely (Mani, Magni, Modi etc).

+ New 2 sets of 1.5m XLR cables so you do not need to purchase cables.


Basically, you are getting New pairs of Focal Alpha 50 monitors at asking price and over $200 worth of bonuses.


Hope new owners enjoy and make most of them.  :) 













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Just now, sakabatou said:

I have a pair of these on my desk and they are as amazing as you say.

Swap your pre with a Little Bear, and you have exactly my set up (in black)

Great buying!

Thank you and great to hear that you have one, too. :)  Yes, I am very amazed with these speakers. I was very skeptical when I first started auditioning studio monitor because I thought that it is for only studio engineer for mixing and recording. I changed my perception after having these.  I also tried JBL LSR305 before this  because it was highly praised but was not impressed. It was flat and boring and hiss alot (Class D inside).


If someone wants desktop speakers, I could not recommend these pairs enough. (amps are already matched with drivers inside so save time and hassle, too).

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