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Fuzzy sound mystery.

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Hey all.....I thought I'd share this recent experience.

When playing a brand new record the other day, the sound was fuzzy and distorted, so naturally, I gave the stylus a good brushing.

Still fuzzy.

Tightened the earth wire.

Still fuzzy.

Checked tracking force.

Checked interconnects. Swapped around. Tightened plugs.

Checked ports for dust on turntable, pre-amp and amp.

Cleaned record with anti-static cleaner.

Still fuzzy!

I then realised that the record was defective in some way. It had to be. So I returned it and swapped it for another one (different band altogether).

I played the new record.

Still fuzzy.

I decided to give up for a couple of days and gather my thoughts as it was starting to make my brain hurt.

After a few days I happened to be in a camera shop when I saw that they sold those small, flip-out magnifying glasses.

My eyes, not being what they used to be ( I'm 2 weeks shy of 50 ) couldn't see the incredible amount of crap on the stylus.

It was almost completely covered in dark brown filth with only about one fifth of the diamond tip visible.

It also had a hair actually wrapped around it!

 The sound was better than it's ever been after this filth was removed ( with record cleaner and stylus brush ).

So....my advice to all you people of a certain age is......magnify !

Just out of interest, this is my system.

Yamaha R-S700 receiver

Krix Acoustix speakers

Yamaha CD S700 cd player

Music Hall 5.1 turntable

Audio Technica 440 mlb cartridge

Cambridge Audio 551 preamp

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