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WITHDRAWN OR RELISTED: FS: Headamp GS-X Mk II Headphone Amplifier

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Item: Headamp GS-X Mk II Headphone Amplifier (Black)
Location: Sydney
Price: WITHDRAWN (RRP $4659)
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: Downsizing headphone system
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer
Extra Info: See below

Pictures: See below


I am sure I will regret this but I am selling my Headamp GS-X MK II headphone amplifier, in black, with DACT stepped attenuator. It is in excellent condition, although there are some fine marks on the glossy front panel, which are not visible (to me, anyway) except from very close up in a strong light. It was purchased from Addicted to Audio in September 2014 (for the then current price of $6448!) and I have the original packing and (if required) receipt.


This is a phenomenal sounding headphone amplifier - powerful, spacious, and liquid smooth. It is absolutely neutral, so will not add any euphonic warmth to bad recordings, but great recordings sound spectacular. It will drive any dynamic headphones with plenty of headroom and deep bass, including the notoriously difficult Audeze LCD4. It is beautifully built, dual mono, and a separate power supply.


Reviews (click on links for full review):


Inner Fidelity


The GS-X mk2 is a straight down the middle, extraordinarily competent, solid-state amp. Flat as a board; lots of juice for the big bass notes and hard-to-drive headphones; with authoritative articulation from bottom to top. It's not lush; or euphonic; or romantic; or any other adjective you might use to describe a tube or single output device single-ended amp ... Bottom line: The GS-X mk2 is completely unapologetic about its ability and willingness to deliver astonishingly articulate detail retrieval. And if the headphones, and/or you can't deal with it, tough luck. ... Yes, the HeadAmp GS-X mk2 is heading to the Wall of Fame. As long as you understand its character and are willing to abide by its authoritative nature, this is an end-game amp for audiophiles looking for a transparent window through which to enjoy your music.


Positive Feedback


In my judgement, the GS-X is the most neutral, most musical, most powerful, most flexible, and most desirable solid-state offering I have heard to date, period. The nuances are as startling as the crescendos with the GS-X. This modern super headamp is truly super, with flaws so truly subtle they may have been imagined. Plus, the Mercedes-like fit and finish gives you ultimate confidence in its long-term performance. 


Part Time Audiophile


The GSX Mk2 is one of the very best sounding solid-state amplifiers I have heard. The sound is incredibly transparent and rather neutral. The design is not a bright sounding amplifier. The amplifier is remarkably grain free and has no etch or nasty solid state glare...


The tonality of the Mk2 is on the same playing field as higher end tube amplifiers I have used in the past. The music just flows on the Mk2 and adds no significant coloration to the sound. The Mk2 will let you enjoy musical reproduction and not want for more. The Mk2 always expressed itself with musicality and dynamics that are rarely found in amplifiers. The Mk2 acted more like a fine musical instrument. In the time I used the GSX Mk2 never once did I feel the urgency to switch to the other amplifiers in the system. I was completely satisfied with the musicality and performance offered by the MK2.


The GSX Mk2 is one of the very best amplifiers I have ever used. I could happily live with this as my end game solution. It was so good in all my sessions, that I decided to purchase the review sample and use it for my reference solid-state reference amplifier. If you carefully select your source and cables and feed it the best headphones you can afford, you will be richly rewarded with magnificent reproduction of music...


The Mk2 is a stellar performer that will compete with anything that is manufactured today at any price, and could be your final end game solution. If you are looking for reference amplifier that can hit all the high notes in musical reproduction the Mk2 should be at the very top your list of products to audition.


Highly recommended.


Pick up is preferred, but I can post if there is no local buyer.


Below are stock photos. Photos of the actual unit to follow.






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