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Cambridge Audio 740a problem

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So have had this problem with my 740a for quite some time.


Basically one channel often drops out, or does not play on start up. Turning the amp off and on again fixes the issue about 50% of the time, but often it will drop out again. Usually the right channel, sometimes the left. Very occasionally both. It is about as intermittent as a problem as you could imagine.

Headphones connected to the amp works perfectly, so I do not think it is the DAC. I have tried different speakers and get the same problem.

I know this range had its share of quality control issues, so hopefully someone might know where to look (an electronics place looked at it briefly but could not pinpoint the problem. Further investigation likely to get pricey.

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Guest vlado

hey, if you liked the cambridge 740a, because I have the same problem on the 640a, thank you.

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