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Samsung C5500 Bluray Player

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Dick Smith CBD I picked up the C5500 bluray player last Sunday as a secondary player for my study. It's sticker price was $299 but it was on sale for $229. This itself is not a big deal as Samsung's new RRP is $229 anyway. I believe JB have them for $217 as well.

I was asked if I wanted extended warranty for $45 but I declined. Without asking the cashier said she could do it for $16. 2 years extended replacement warranty. The way she did it was by lowering the price of the player to $199 so my total was $244 or so.

The unit plays well with my Samsung 32" Series 5 panel with the Samsung AnyNet feature (the player turns off when the TV turns off, use the same remote for both devices) and best of all the DVD can be made region free with a remote code (http://www.videohelp.com/dvdhacks/samsung-bd-c5500/10794) but sadly not all zone playback; it's locked to bluray zone B.

The other good thing is the range of formats it supports. I have chucked 1080p AVCHD DVD-DL at it, 720p MKV DVD-R and SD Xvid CD-R at it and they played back fine, though currently SRT subtitles do not play when embedded within MKV containers, and otherwise they need to be saved as UTF-8 text files to load. The unit will also stream the same videos from a DLnA server. Samsung suggest their own software but the streaming worked flawlessly from my Synology DS508 NAS with no effort - I just point the Samsung at the network path (which it found automatically) and navigate my folders to the file. It did not play back FLV or MOV containers when tried. I am not sure about ISO support. It supports enough formats and streams well enough that I am considering selling off my Popcorn Hour NMT.

SD upscaling seems fine, though my screen is only 32" (my Oppo BDP83 is on my main 46" Toshiba and kills any other player when it comes to upscaling).

Hope this info helps somebody.

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Before you sell your Popcorn Hour, you might want to investigate the new copyright protection Cinavia. Cinavia embeds a watermark in the soundtrack and when detected by a complying player, will mute the audio after a period of time.

AACS requires players to be Cinavia enabled and its implementation was started in late 2009 I believe.

Cinavia is already being used in cinemas to protect copyright from CAM recordings.

It is unknown at this stage which media players and Bluray players are Cinavia enabled, or which titles have Cinavia watermark embedded.

If your new Bluray player is Cinavia enabled, it may become difficult playing back copies of titles that have Cinavia watermarks embedded and the Popcorn Hour might just turn out to be Cinavia disabled.

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