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Windowmediacentre Does Not Record

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I have been having a issue that is baffling me...

when I first installed windows 7 ultimate 64. WMC worked and recorded tv programs with out trouble even turned my pc on to record and turn it olff after ... so long as it was only in sleep or hyb mode..

now it does not.

the tv card still allows me to watch tv in WMC but not record.

anyone have any idea how to restore the recording feature...

Q01. Motherboard Manf ? Model ?ASUS; M4A79 Deluxe

Q02. CPU Manf ? Speed ?AMD phenom 2 3200

Q03. Video Card Manf ? Model ?Zotac GTX295

Q04. Disk Drives Manf ? Model ? Connection Type ?Samsung 320gb raid 10 sata2

Q05. DVB-T Card / Device Manf ? Model ?pinnacle PCTV Dual DVB-T Pro PCI

Q06. Wireless Lan installed ? No

Q07. Bluetooth Devices installed ? no

Q08. Are you Overclocking ? no


Q10. Video Card Driver Version ? Nvidia 257.21

Q11. DVB-T Card / Device Driver Type ? Version ? internal windows drivers


Q20. Operating System ? windolws 7

Q21. Service Packs installed ? auto update turned on

Q22. DirectX version installed ? 11

Q23. PowerDVD installed ? If so version ? no

Q24. WinDVD installed ? If so version ? no

Q25. DTV Application installed ? Version ? none using wmc

Signal Environment:

Q30. What Country ? Region ? Transmission Site ? are you trying to receive from. Australia region 4 digital brisbane

Q31. Indoor or Outdoor antenna ? outdoor

Q32. Do other DTV devices, STB's etc work from the same antenna ? yes

Q33. Do you have Quad Shielded RG6 cabling installed end to end. no

Q34. Do you have a Masthead amplifer, a Distribution Amp, a Passive or Powered Splitter installed ? no

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