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Exciting New Digital Tv Products Coming Soon

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Hi Guys,

We are going to develop a number of exciting new products over the next couple of months and I would like to offer selected members of this forum the opportunity to have an input and participate in their development.

The products we are going to develop are digital TV related (terrestrial, satellite and cable) so we are looking for people who have an interest in this area.


• Extensive experience with the use of DVB tuner cards/devices under Windows, Linux or Mac systems

• At least one PC or Notebook with spare PCIe or USB 2/3 ports

• Infrastructure to receive DVB broadcasts (ie Antenna or satellite dish or cable connection)

• Familiarity with one or more of the main PCTV software applications (eg Media Center, Media Portal, DNTV Live!, WebScheduler, Arcsoft Total Media, MythTv, DVBViewer, ProgDVB, EyeTV, The Tube, etc)

• Spare some time to test the products and provide feedback, as required.

Preference will be given to:

• DigitalNow customers

• Forum Members with experience in the use of DNTV Scheduler Pro or TV Scheduler (the latest name for the old open source WebSchduler)

• Developers – in particular those who have experience in the development of PCTV related software including , applications, tools, plugins, EPG related applications, Linux and Mac driver, etc

• Experienced users of Windows 7 Media Center

Successful participants will get

• A sample of the product being tested for you to keep.

• The opportunity to be amongst the first in the world to own these exciting new products and participate in their development.

• A special discount on any products sold on our websites if desired.

Any interested members are welcome to email me directly (preferably before 5 June 2010) with a brief statement of their qualification, relevant skills and contact details.



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Hi Guys,

Thank you very much to all those that have expressed interest, we will be contacting those that will be involved in the first round of products testing, this week, so keep an eye for an email from us.

Unfortunately not all those that have expressed interest will be participating in the first round, but may very well be in the next round, so please don't feel left out if you are one of those that won't be participating just yet.



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