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Help! Denon Avr-1906 W/ Ps3 (playtv) And Pioneer Lx508

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Hey guys... please help me here before I lose my mind!

So the Mrs is cleaning the house today and she picks up the remotes and moves them.

As she does this, the sound cuts out but she thinks nothing of it. Assuming she's just hit the mute button.

Here's the setup;

PS3 w/ PlayTV connected via HDMI into LX508.

LX508 connected to 1906 via rca cables using the TV input.

Had it setup this way for years basically without a problem at all. I've not yet tried taking out the PlayTV and just having the signal come straight into the TV as I dont think its to do with the PS3. As the TV is essentially just acting like a display, and I cant find any settings to adjust the sound that would affect the 1906, I dont think the problem is here either. So I feel the problem lies with the AVR - and i've played with every possible setting, hit every button and I cannot get sound.

Now when I run a test tone (on the AVR remote) I get sound. However the PS3 menu, PlayTV etc has no sound at all.

I have no speakers on the TV (have always used the AVR for sound).

I assume if I connect the speakers (get them out of the box etc), I will most likely have sound.

I guess I want to know if there is a way to master reset the AVR at all? Anyone have any idea's?



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Pulled the AVR out, disconnected the optical cable.

Then I moved the RCA's from the TV input to DVD input and plugged the optical cable back in and it worked!

err wtf... It's working now so thanks all the same. I have no idea how/why.

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