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Best 32" Full Hd Lcd Under $800

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Hi all. I am looking at getting a 32" LCD for the bedroom primarily to be used for FTA TV, but also PS3 gaming and occasional blu-ray. I also like support for DivX etc via USB. At the moment I am looking at either the LG 32LD460 or the Sony KDL32EX400.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these models, or can you recommend another model?

Also, what is the best price going around right now for these 2 models? I've seen the LG for around $770 & the Sony for just under $800.

Thanks a lot.

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Guest Malich
Thanks for that reply. Got me thinking whether I really need True HD for the bedroom. Had a look at the Samsung LA32C450, which is around $599. Anyone had any experience with this model?

Not a gamer, but apparently the C-series sets have annoyingly high lag even in game mode with all the processing turned off. The B series are supposedly much better in this regard. Google around for details.

I bought a LA32C650 for the gf a couple of weeks ago, and noticed a few places (e.g. a couple of GG stores in Brisbane) still have stocks of the LA32B650. IIRC they were asking ~$850 - too much, considering I got the C650 for < $100 more. You might be able to haggle them down to below $800, or maybe still find a B450/550 somewhere.

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