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Dali Helicon 400 Mk2

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Hey all,

Anyone have any personal experience with Dali Helicon 400s mk2?

i have some questions folks,

1) Would they be ok for a room around 4m long by 6m wide ?

2) do these need to be played louder than say dali ikon 6s to appreciate the difference in quality?

3) this question relates to q2, does a 4ohm speaker need to be driven harder/louder than a 6ohm speaker.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey mate,

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to audition these loudspeakers. However, I have come across a couple of reviews about these and they seem to be very positive indeed.

Being a nominally-rated 4ohm loudspeaker, all it really means is that it draws more current and power from an amplifier. What amplifier do you have? An amplifier driving these loudspeakers will have to have good current and power capabilities. From memory, I think you own the Marantz KI-Pearl combination. If so, the PM-KI Pearl will not have any problems driving these loudspeakers, despite the modest (on paper, anyway) power out-puts claimed by Marantz.

These are large loudspeakers, if I am not wrong. However, a 4m by 6m room while not that large, is a reasonable size and I would think it should be enough room (pardon the pun) for the speakers to breathe.

I don't know for sure but I wouldn't have thought that you would have to play them louder than the Ikon 6's to appreciate the sound improvement. I have listened to the larger Ikon 7's and really enjoyed them but the Helicon's would be a good one or two steps (fairly large ones, too) up in performance.

If you do indeed own the Marantz KI-Pearl combination, I would strongly suggest (I might have in the past) to audition the Mordaunt-Short Performance 6's. The Marantz combination was voiced to the Mordaunt-Short's.


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Hey mate, I don't think my reply went through, I'll have another crack.

I do have the pearls. I think you're spot on with the voicing of the Marantz amps and the ms p6s- I know someone that has a pair. I need to have another listen to both of those speakers again. I can't wait to get something descent.

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