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Samsung M81 Lcd Turn On Issue

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The short version: My TV comes up with "no signal" when I turn it on. I turn it off and get a loud speaker pop noise and then turn it back on again and it works fine as normal (normal picture, signal and no speaker pop on turnoff).

This started on sunday. When you turn the TV on after it being off for a while (ie a few hours) it kept coming up with "no signal" on any channel. The first time it happened I tried to auto-program all channels again and it stalled/failed/couldn't find any services. I turned it off and there was a nasty speaker pop as it shut down.

I turned it off and turned it on a little while later and all was well again - all channels fine and no speaker pop on shutdown.

This process continued until this arvo, ie, you need to turn the tv on, off and on again to get it to work. The pop stayed with the first turnoff and the TV still works perfectly when it does work.

Tonight I went to turn it on and it started showing test patterns and colours which I have never seen it do before. I switched it off, got the speaker pop noise, turned it on again and all has been normal since.

Has anyone heard of an issue like this before? I had a search and trawled through a heaps of M81 threads but couldn't find anything similar. The TV is still under (extended) warranty so that will be the next step I guess.


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