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Knowing Aus And Us Release Differences?

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I did a search on this but cant find any decent info on the differences betwen the 2 releases other than:

Aus release has a 21GB transfer and dolby true HD 5.1

US release has a 30GB transfer and DTS HDMA 5.1

Apparently the true HD track is just as good as the HD MA track just a bit softer, what about the PQ?

michaeldvd says that the AUS release isnt that much different to the US release, but i mean 9GB of data is alot to lose, it should make a different

Has anyone compared the 2 at all? I want to pick up the steelbook from JB while it's still $20, but i wont if its noticeably inferior to the US release.


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Oz release is 16 bit, US release is 24 bit.......

what does that mean anyway?

and some further info in the two threads below



and then there is Bluray stats for other info as well..............

Dialnorm is the level or dialogue?

thanks for those links

Just curious on what the actual difference in PQ is

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Oz release is 16 bit, US release is 24 bit.......

Hey, Yorac. We sure about this?


"English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz/24-bit)

English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (48kHz/24-bit)"

I can't remember if it was 16 or 24-bit myself, but I do remember having a choice of DTS-HDMA or Dolby TrueHD.

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I actually decided to listen to the True HD track this arvo and it is certainly to my ears better than the MA track which really surprised me, in fact I would classify it as one of the best I've heard mate......

Hmm I remember listening to both (just during that plane scene) & the DTS-HDMA track only sounded louder (as per usual). Didn't notice it sounding "better". It was full of detail & the single best scene i've heard on BD, so didn't even bother turning the DTHD track up to compare. It's usually the way when i've got a DTHD accompanied with another (DTSHDMA/LPCM uncompressed) - the former's always softer, so I just leave it on the others. Maybe i've missed out on some better DTHD soundtracks by not bothering to turn it up. Who knows.

So I guess your copy's 16 bit then eh? If it is, then the 16-bit v 24-bit argument's dead to me........

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Got the US copy of this today and put simply it is better than the Aus release on both tracks, much fuller sound stage and that plane crash just went up a boom..... :D

also got US copies of Star Trek (2009) and 2012 and will compare against their Aus counterparts before selling all Oz editions........ B)

actually all the Oz editions are better up until such time as I've sold them.........


Hope there's no difference with Star Trek...

I'll have to look up the spec differences for Knowing between regions. It's not the sampling rate is it? Just a better put together track. I don't know how the Aussie Dtshdma track could be better, though I'll take your word for it.


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