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post-15441-1273848621_thumb.jpgpost-15441-1273848590_thumb.jpgEarly framing after handover to create perimeter bulhead with recessed pelmets and seperate HT/Lounge from the Dining.


post-15441-1273847300_thumb.jpgAdding some treatment to improve the acoustics of the bulkhead as a speaker enclosure...

post-15441-1273847334_thumb.jpgTontine (Auspoly) is such wonderful stuffpost-15441-1273847409_thumb.jpg Ready to close up

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post-15441-1273849193_thumb.jpg Carpet and curtains make a room so much more appealing :D

post-15441-1273849253_thumb.jpgGot the Screen and some surrounds in now - thanks to selby for speedy delivery and great service...


Very impressed with the quality of the surrounds for the money - they will eventually become alfresco ceiling speakers but are surprisingly good in their current role ;)post-15441-1273849408_thumb.jpg post-15441-1273849594_thumb.jpg post-15441-1273849626_thumb.jpg

Excuse the mess (still a worksite :D) but all in all I'm pretty happy with how the room is coming together....post-15441-1273849746_thumb.jpg

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