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Help Me Choose Setup

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Ok so i have been thinking about a HT setup.

At moment i have a PS3 connected to 52" Samsung LCD TV, Also have PC connected to it, all with HDMI Cables.

I want a decent but not hideously expensive system, either 5.1 or 7.1

I was thinking something like a Yamaha rx1065 i think it is + a KEF 5005.1 system, which i can get for around $2400 or

An Onkyo TX-SR707 or 606 + DB Dynamics Polaris 5.1 Speaker Package for about the same money (altho the DB is ugly as)

I have loaded up a pic of my room, its a weird set up so i dont know where i would place the speakers. Problem is, there isn't much room for big fronts hence why i was looking at the KEF.



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