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Warranties And Faults With Your Shiny New Tv

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I see many threads where people state that there new TV, PVR, etc has developed a problem just after the manufacturers warranty has expired.

In Australia we have a thing called a Statutory Warranty. ACCC - Your Statutory Rights

Everyone with an issue with any new or near new electonic product should read the information at the ACCC site on warranties, guarantees and refunds.

ACCC - Warranties, Guarantees & Refunds

Knowledge is the key. Arm yourself with it.

Anyone in consumer electronics sales should have an excellent knowledge of these requirements and should pass it on to customers and adhere to them to protect themselves from prosecution. Ignorance is not a defence........Neither is "I was only following orders"........

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Some good links Mick.

It should be noted that a recent survey of retailers on this area of consumer protection found an amazing lack of awareness or understanding of their responsibilities. So don't take anything a retailer tells you about what you're due at face value.

On the flip side, it should be noted that just because your TV breaks down one week out of warranty, these laws do not provide automatic remedy (indeed in most cases none at all.) just in case anyone thought they might - hopefully good customer service can still save the day :)


Peter Gillespie

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If only it were that easy.. the info provided by the ACCC is often vague and uses a lot of very grey area terms like implied warranty, fit for purpose, sale contracts.

variance due to cost of item, reasonable lifespan etc. For example one part regarding extended warranties says:

'Retailers or suppliers must not mislead or deceive you about the real benefits of extended warranties or your need for them. If they do, it could be a breach of the Trade Practices Act.' - OK but no example is given as to what would be classed as 'deceptive' or a 'real benefit'

Many retailers now won't even handle an under warranty issue. - more often that not now retailers just say go away and take it up with the manufacturer even though the ACCC rules clearly say that the sale contract is between the consumer and the retailer. This happened to me with a TV and also an XBOX360 bought from EB games.

When my XBOX broke after a month, EB games just said not our problem, call Microsoft. Whats even better is the extended warranties they were pushing hard on sale, then when anyone actualy tried to use it customers told by EB sorry we're not doing that anymore cos too many broke, so heres your $79 back. How they got away with that I have no idea.

Basically, to cash in on a statuarary warranty you have to take the retailer to small claims court and argue why your TV / whatever that broke outside of warrantly should be covered anyway under the 'reasonable lifespan' rule. I've heard of people trying this, but just get told by the retailers, take it up with our legal dept, and good luck with that.

I'd be interested to hear whether anyone has actually successsfuly gotten a repair or replacement under stat warranty laws

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