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La40c650 Samsung

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Just got my first LCD yesterday eve... (Samsung) LA40C650 not a let down at all. The Pacific Ep 5 Invasion of Peleliu on FTA last night was awesome. But everything said about turning off Motion Plus was right for me.

BUT I can not get all the Channels I should be.

I am in Perth. I have been through the Channel setup twice on AutoStore...'going round the dial': DTV7, DTV9, DTV44, THEN 70, 71 7TWO, 73, DTV90, DTV99, DTV7 full circuit.

I only tuned the Digital channels because the analogue direct into the Tv looked very scratchy

Is this lack of HD1 and SBS HD and ABC HDTV a fault with the TV? I got 6 days to go on the DOA policy. Please help.

(Previously had ol' CRT with SD Topfield 4400 and got all the Analogue stations quite nicely. It would also show a Channel "12", which was a version of HD1.

HD1 previously came up 'High definition service' on SD box as did 70 and 90.

previously on the SD Box, ABC HDTV 20, and SBS HD showed as "Service is not running or scrambled"

I could see Channels 71 72 and 73, and 21 ABC1/ ABC2 22/ ABC3 23, and 31/ 32/ 34 through the SD box)

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Make sure you have just the TV plugged into the aerial. Don't split the signal or daisy chain it through an STB or PVR, DVDR, VCR

Check your cables are connected correctly

Thanks, diesel :) . I had the signal split. Searching manually was weird, channels' numbers were foreign to me (basically had to search every frequency to suck it and see), but it worked :) .

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