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Cavx Spearks System 1

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Since 2002, I have made and sold a few sets of CAVX Speakers. The current owner of system 1 has contacted me in regards to selling them as he wants to move OS and can not take them with him. I am not sure exactly what he is asking for them, so I guess this is more to get an EOI for someone in Brisbane/Gol or Sunny Coasts that is after a full 7.1 system using VIFA (back when they were actually made in Denmark) drivers. The drivers in the CAVX LCRs and SURs are shielded. The SUB uses dual M30 VIFA woofers in a ported enclosure with twin plate amps. All enclosures are 25mm MDF.


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Heres a couple photos of the LCR's, I will be putting more up.

Happy to courier Australia Wide, will cost a few hundred $$ through courier (recently sold my Velodyne HGS-18 delivered from brisbane to SA for $150) and that was 50kg, so I will estimate $300 for this item to SA as an example.

There are 3 x LCR's, Line array front speakers. Which were paired up with 3 parasound HCA-1000A amplifiers monoblocked.

There are 4 surround dipole speakers.

Looking for any interest.

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