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Got A Cheap Stb For Me?

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hi there,

i've got a 32" crt in the bedroom with a dead analogue tuner. i just need a working SD set top box with an s-video (or SCART) output, and a remote.

Will gladly take a freebie if anyone is so generous, or can throw $10, a 6 pack or homemade slice as payment ;) i know i can get a nice (PVR ready) Strong STB for $50, but am really quite broke :(

Thanks in advance is anyone can help (PM me).


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Kmart has a compact OLIN SD set top box with 2 scart connectors for $39.00.

Only comes with scart -> 3 RCA cable from memory. If you don't have a scart -> scart cable or scart -> composite adaptor. Or tv only has scart connector and no composite inputs you may need an scat -> rca adaptor as most stb don't come with scart -> scart.

Scart to Scart Cable


Scart AV Adaptor


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