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Economy Or High Lamp

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I an over 900 hours and still running eco mode with the iris closed down. I currently do not have a full batcave, though I do have control over the light so watching during the day, whilst not optimal is OK. Night time is better of course.

I am also almost finished my BatCave at my GF's (Fiance as of April 18) place, so light will not be an issue ever again.

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High or Low?

I personally use high-lamp mode.

I enjoy the extra brightness it brings, and care little for globe life.

My room is 99% light controllable during the day.


Like you my room is light controllable during the day/. 99 + % I suspect.

The use of econ versus normal and can probably be attributed to one of three factors:

1) Need brightness as room is not light controlled;

2) Size of screen, projector lumens and/or lamp age requires high-lamp mode to maintain acceptable brightness (which for many is between 13 and 17 FL);

3) One prefers 20 FL + brightness regardless

Personally I am happy with 15 FL so can run on ECO/Normal mode with shutter closed down 50% when lamp is new. This should also allow me to open shutter and then move to high-lamp mode as lamp brightness diminishes. Lamp Brightness diminishes the quickest in the first 30% of it's projected life so always good to have a bit of spare or one could be changing Lamps every 500 hours or so.

Not an issue if one is happy to do so;but I would find it burdensome as it also requires a re-calibration. Lamp and calibration is in the range of $800-$900 and I probably do 500 hours in just under a year. This is more than I am prepared to spend, though I recognise that some are happy to do so to have a bright image or large screen.

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I have voted for Eco Mode which is what I use for Movies, however I use Hi Lamp mode (with boosted colour) when I watch sport (mostly F1/MotoGP and the occasional "event"). My walls and ceiling are off-white, ie no bat-cave but, for movies it seems better to limit the brightness. This may change as the lamp output drops.

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I have a Benq W1000. I use econo because I can achieve the calibrated picture I need (want) with that mode.

My room is far from light controlled so if I do happen to use the PJ during the day i'll flick it over to a higher brightness preset which compensates nicely. It's true about the brightness capabilities of this projector!

PS. Congrats MarkTecher on the engagement!!

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