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Sony Ps3 Promo On Again

Guest bhot

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45,000 PS3s to give away, but they are being pretty strict with the redemption offer. If I read correctly, the TV must be delivered within 14 days of purchase and the claim lodged also before 14 days of payment.

To qualify for the BONUS PS3™ offer, the eligible BRAVIA TV must be purchased between 1 May and 12 July 2010, and registered online within fourteen days of purchase and before the 'number left to claim' home page counter drops to zero. Proof of purchase documents must be received within fourteen days of online registration.

Claims will be invalid if:

The proof of purchase documentation details fail to match online registration details;

The TV purchase has not been made in full (third party payment schemes with an authorised Sony Australia dealer will be accepted);

The Qualifying Product is not delivered to the eligible claimant in advance of the 14 day deadline from product registration. Physical delivery of the TV is required in order for the claimant to be able to complete the validation process;

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I see the popular 40EX500 is excluded from this promotion.

I find this hard to understand when Samsung include both the fantastic 6 series LCD and the 5 series LED for a similar price point in their promotion.

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