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The Karate Kid

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holy crap, when did this happen?

this series is one of my favourites of all time. one of the reasons i started martial arts.

interesting that they have 1 and 2 on for release but not 3 or next karate kid. granted they werent as good but still deserve a spot on my shelf.


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Ive ordered the Karate Kid 1 and 2 Blu box set after they got great reviews on bluray.com in terms of PQ :D



And Mr Myagi(Pat Morita) died around 5 years ago :( was around 70 i think

And Ralphy boy is still doing bits and pieces accordeing to imdb


and from the pics hasnt aged that much for a bloke pushing 50........Dam that makes me feel old if hes nearly 50

Another good movie of his was Crossroads if you havent seen it.

Anyway back to the KK blus i cant wait for them should be here in a few weeks me hopes :)

Cheers Ryan

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Guest PLG1962

OT slightly yet another film getting a rehash/reboot is Hollywood so out of ideas that every year there is either a sequel/remake/reboot during their Summer I wonder if I will live to see a year where everything isnt as above in the cinemas the worst offensive is off course remakes of Foreign films because the Americans dont want to read subtitles [Girl With The Dragon Tattoo & Let The Right One In] to name to coming in the next year

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The box set with kk 1 and 2 is just over $27 USD from Amazon.com :)


And i must admit since ive ordered it and been reading this thread some of the songs from the movies are stuck in my head LOL :D

Your The Best by Joe Esposito

Glory Of Love

Moment Of Truth

cmon i know you want to clench your fist and sing a few bars :D

Oops i getting a bit carried away here :)

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Your the best used to be the song i listened to when psyching myself up for gradings etc.

as a karate student these films are extremely important to me, the amount of philosophy in these films is phenomenal and should be required watching for any martial artists.

and if you want to see something recent of ralph macchio and william zabka (johnny) check this out


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Ralph Macchio has been in most episodes of Ugly Betty this season, still looks very young for his age. I really enjoyed the first two movies and had them on Laserdisc I think (it's a long time ago).

I don't know whether I liked them well enough to lash out on the BDs.

"Paint the fence!"

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Scrolling through the IMDB pics I came across this one of my favourite books at the time and great flick.But what a cast!Tom Cruise?

Unreal! Which one is Macchio. Those short sleeved T's and tight jeans are really too much!

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