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New Silver Cinema Series Hdmi Cables For Forum Members

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Commercial post:

Hi all,

about 18 months ago we created a new line of silver plated copper core HDMI cables (Silver Cinema Series). For the simple reason, we were sick of the insane prices being charged around the placed by the big boys and knew very well it could be done at a much fairer price.

18 months on and put quite simply. We don't have the time to keep this side of our business going, we bit off more than we could chew. It was a nice idea and maybe in a year or three we'll have another crack at it, find someone else to run it etc. But for the time being we're happy to concentrate on our screen business which is always going gangbusters. That and that alone is the sole reason we cannot pour anymore time into the cable business.

We have hundreds of cables to clear, below are the prices. Free shipping Australia wide.

Note, these cables are a step up from the run of the mill 'tin plated copper' cables that seem to be everywhere these days. We wanted to do something different, there are a handful of big mobs doing SPC cables and literally thousands doing TPC cables. And no, you're not paying for packaging either, which I must say is quite stunning. It took me around 80hrs to design and iron out all the artwork and get the packaging looking nice! Something I don't want to do again anytime soon (how I loathe corel draw!) You are paying for 'Silver plated copper', that is the key component in a good SPC cable.

So here we go:

1 metre was $99 now $29.95

2 metre was $119 now $39.95

5 metre was $149 now $68.95

10 metre was $199 now $118.95

Link here http://projectorscreens.com.au/shop/index....at&catId=20

All with free shipping regardless of order qty. We'll stick with Australia post for these unless orders are in lots of 10 etc, in which case we'll use TNT.

Visa, Mastercard ok too.

Lastly, this is not a thread where I wish to discuss or debate the merits (or not) of Silver plated copper over TPC. I am simply putting this out there for those who wish to grab a bargain while these stocks last. Compare, if you like, the prices between these and the other silver plated HDMI cables out there and you'll know immediately how well these are priced in the market.

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