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No idea if this is the right place for this post...

I have been keeping my cds in a Deco sideboard, but am now running out of space. I've found a few decent racks in the states but none of the them ship to AU. Other than the usual Harvey Normal, or Ikea guff, where can I look??


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Post a link to the US ones you like and it might give people some ideas - also, how much are you prepared to spend?

I was thinking about something wall mounted, and figured one of these Omni racks might be ok;


It will will hold over a 1000 CD's. They are all metal, only protrude ~16cm off the wall, are modular, and in satin black, reasonably discrete.

I have looked at a few timber racks, but they are either very Homes & Garden / Country Kitchen, or have no design effort in them at all. If CD's were about in the height of Bauhaus, I am sure I'd be able to find just what I want.

Cost wise, given they are currently sorted in a 1925 French Art Deco Walnut sideboard, I don't really care!

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Unless you need to store your CDs in the same room as your gear (I'm assuming here that they currently are?), you could think of cosmetically better solutions. For example, I store my CDs in Ikea bookshelves in the study. The shelves are robust, suit the room and aren't expensive. :cool:

A fellow audiophile friend does something similar, but has a slightly different storage arrangement.


Alan R.

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try the Rolls royce of furniture quality CD racks at Wilkins & Kent in Melbourne. You can view it on-line at their website - great design, sturdy, local timbers, hand made.

They are so good, I have 2:)

Love these CD racks if I was in Melb. I would purchase these. My solution was a custom made CD Rack using Tasmanian Oak accommodating around 1200 CD's 2400 long by 1000 high.

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