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New Digital Antenna

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Hi All,

Just wondering as i haven't got a new antenna on my house since it was built (25 years ago) i think i'm in need of a new one. Is there a digital antenna anyone can suggest and are digital antenna's better than analogue.

I have 4 televisions in my home all bar one has a set top box connected to it. Will a new digital (or analogue) antenna improve the quality of the picture as it does pixelate from time to time when other electronics are turned on.

Any assistance is much appreciated


Spinner :ph34r:

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Replacing your 25 year old antenna should help.

If your coax cabling is also that age, it should be replaced too.

It may also be beneficial to have your digital reception checked by a pro installer, to ensure the current antenna mounting position gives you the best possible signal.

The type of antenna/s will depend on your location, what signal level/quality you currently receive, terrain, etc.

You haven't said where you are.

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The interference your system is picking up and showing as pixelation may have more to do with your delivery system. Starting at the antenna, the balan(connection of cable to antenna) is probably corroded and full of spiders; change it with an F-connected balan- $3. Then your splitter(s) need to be replaced to shielded F-type ($3 each) then the outlets, plates on the wall, need to be thrown away and replaced with F-PAL outlets.($2 each). If that doesn't improve things then look into the antenna and if it's in the optimal position for the digital transmission you want to recieve. If there's an amplifier in the system then that could be a source for problems. Try the easy stuff first and no more screw/saddle connections.

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Sorry guys the suburb i live in is Craigieburn Melb Vic

Thank, it appears that the antenna you have is most likely a band 1/3/4 all combined into 1, What I'd recommend is you update your antenna to one that does Band 3 (VHF 6 to VHF 12) and a UHF band 4, preferably one that doesn't pick up channels below CH 27 to minimise interference.

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Brand is less important than performance.

For best results, use two separate antennas, one for VHF channels 6-12 and the other for UHF (SBS) channel 29, combined using a diplexer.

This is a far-superior method than a single combination antenna, which by design, is a compromise.

I strongly advise against using one which is designed to receive channels below channel 6 as those antennas are prone to picking up impulse noise interference. (all Australian digital channels are on Ch 6 & above).

Choice of antenna is best determined by a site-test to determine your signal strength and quality.

As previously mentioned, other components (coax, splitters, outlets etc) will also most likely need replacing.

I'd suggest giving forum member beeblebrox a PM, as I 'm fairly sure he installs in your area.

If you want to do the installation yourself, by all means have a go, but remember, without instrumentation, it's pure guess work. Lots of people spend heaps of money on the wrong type of antenna for their situation, and are unable to determine the best location to mount it, often ending up with less-than-optimum reception, wasted money and time, plus a lot of frustration.

On the other hand, depending on signals, some DIY installations work fine, so you have a choice. :blink:

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I am in the same situation as the original poster.

I was thinking about a DIY job, but after reading the posts I might reconsider.

I live in Glen Waverley with a direct line of sight to the Dandenongs.

Is there anyone who can be recommended for this sort of job.... Mr. Antenna seems a a little over priced for the equipment they offer.

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