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Signal Strength/quality Issues

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Hi all.

Having a problem tuning in 2 channels on a new media centre.

I have an antenna that receives Ch 2-48, it splits 3 ways to 3 tv points al with RG6 cable. The point I'm having trouble with is about 8 meters from the splitter.

Ch 9 is broken and pixellated. If I add an amplifier at the split, Ch 9 comes good, but Ch 10 becomes broken or shows "no signal". All the other channels are unaffected with or without the amp. I live very close to the towers, I am at the base of the mountain where the towers are, but on the far side. I'm trying to figure out what is going on. I'm guessing I may have some overload issues, but it seems like I need to amplify Ch9 but not Ch10, if I do amplify 10 it overloads. Any suggestions on anything I could do?


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