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Better Late Than Never...

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Well, today I got a response from ABC TV to my email regarding Planet Earth being broadcast in SD a while ago (I can't be bothered searching for the post):

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your email regarding the HD channel's resolution.

There was a problem downstream of our presentation facility, which affected all HD programming. The compression encoders for HD were replaced in the week prior to 17th Feb. The new encoders had a problem with 720p signals causing them to have less resolution than normal, and this gave them an up converted appearance and affected all HD programs for approximately three weeks.

On behalf of the ABC, I apologise for the disruption to the HD service.

Yours sincerely,

Marnie Jones

Communications Officer

Transmission Public Relations Unit

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

GPO Box 9994

Sydney NSW 2001

TTY: 1800 627 854


Oh well, at least they got back to me :blink:, with a decent answer too. Just a pity my email was months ago (well, it seems like it). To the poster that said something along the lines of "You'll get a response in June", "Nya, nya! They replied in April!" :D


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