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Guess Who's Number #1 - Again

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I am not sure how to read that graph, 0 sales at the top and increasing to the bottom? I looked at the top 100 graph and it did not make it any clearer for me.

It's the sales ranking. The lower the number the better the sales. Like golf. :blink:

The peak where BD nearly reached "zero" was when Casino Royale broke the top ten sales ranking.

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Not really a good representation

Its only amazon.

Doesnt take in to any brick-mortar store , dvdpacific which are pretty big, nor any other sellers.

Sure there are other factors, but the results from probably the largest online seller count for something.

Interesting that when the stats where ahead for BD they were good enough :blink: (not directed at you Daz)

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Now this spike would have nothing to do with the World Wide HD-DVD supporters push to buy HD-DVD's on April the 15th would it?................. :blink:

World wide ha ha. That was an AVS thing and for the record the blu-ray side of AVS organised a counter attack by telling everyone to buy BD's on that day too so......Myth Busted.

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Good find MrMacmarx! :D

Thing will return to normal soon with BR at it's rightful place..........on top! :blink:

Good to see you confirming my post.

So you agree that the graph is rubbery, but "BR will soon be back on top".

Will the graph be less rubbery at that point ?


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