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Blu-ray & Hd-dvd

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Ok, this is NOT another Blu-Ray Vs. HD-DVD thread :D

To start with, I am a 'movie' fan I don't really goto the cinema much, as I enjoy my home theatre. Well I've gone and bought a Sony PS3 for Blu-Ray and have about 20 titles so far. Yesterday I just bought the Xbox HD-DVD drive and not really seeing much of HD-DVD around on display all I can say is WOW.

Blu-ray is awesome, but I was really surprised with HD-DVD, the quality is stunning. I haven't run it with my projector yet but on my Dell 24" screen it looks amazing (as does Blu-Ray) So tonight I'm going to connect it to my projector and see how it should look.

Oh, and I am running the Xbox HD-DVD drive on my PC as I am waiting for the HDMI version of the 360.

So I've just ordered 10 HD-DVD movies on-line so I hope they get here ASAP :blink:

For me, I am happy to buy movies on both formats (and if I have to on DVD too)


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