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Fs: Sony Psp

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Looking to sell my PSP.

Its barely used (unfortunately). It was a gift but never really got into it.

Its the "value pack" with original box. Comes with headphones, case, charger and screen wiper, and 32MB memory card.

Also throwing in new mini USB cable and 1 GB memory card.

5 games:

Virtua Tennis

Key of Heaven

Tony Hawks Underground 2 remix


Midnight Club 3 (Dub Edition)

and the Ghost busters movie.

$400 shipped via registered mail.

email me at portelli9@optushome.com.au for any questions.

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Ill take Virtua Tennis for a twenny if you want to sep.


pm me if you decide to, otherwise best wishes.

price seems ok...

Thanks for replying, I'd prefer to sell it off in one lot though. If i get no offers after some time (have it listed somewhere else also) then ill guess ill sell it individually. I will let you know about the tennis in case you still want it.

I guess i can go to $370 shipped or $350 if someone wants to pick it up from where i work in Leichhardt, Sydney.

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too much or is just no one interested?

Wouldn't normally comment in a for sale thread in this manner.. but you asked. Considering most people will just use a large memory stick and download their games for free - the price is pretty steep. Games themselves aren't worth anything - but the PSP is a great device with some impressive connectivity features to offer for PS3 owners (with more to come).

Get the price right and one of the PS3'ers around here should pick it up :blink:

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