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Stewarts And Aarons Upgrade

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Finally got my Studio Tek 130 screen put up and boy what an improvemnet on the picture.Had to get it professionally calibrated but the contrast and the colours are so beautiful and amazing.Luckily I painted my ceiling (Thanks BenTHX) as my blacks would have been affected but after the proper calibration(which I did not know that the stewarts have there own file for the calibration so your projector and the screen can work together more efficientley) I think it's awesome.The Aarons upgrade was also a win the big centre(HCC 600) preformed really well after the Denon did it's audessey calibration so as the bipoles(HSS 600) and surround back(HSS 300).I was a beliver that no one else made good speakers but the english,but im proven wrong once again.On SD the picture is amazing on HD it's more than amzing it's the wow unbelievable factor.If any of you guys are thinking of getting a stewarts or still undecided it worth every penny because you won't regret it.But you have to get it professionally calibrated(Not dvd essentials), but by the people who have the right equipment.

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Enjoy the Stewart Screen. If anyone is thinking of upgrading to a Stewart, I might be able to help them to a good deal. PM me for details.

Hi beejay, Iam in the market for good quality screen ,a stewart it would super if the price reasonable

I was thinking of a 120" 16:9 and 1.2 gain



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