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New 'Heroes' HD DVD Details Leaked

Fri Apr 13, 2007 at 02:59 AM ET

Fresh details have surfaced online for the highly-anticipated HD DVD release of 'Heroes: Season One,' with the set now expected to include bonus features exclusive to the next-gen release.

According to this recent post at the 'Heroes' fansite www.herosite.net, the first season of NBC's breakout superhero series is shaping up to be a feature-packed HD DVD box set.

One of the site's readers, Nick Grugin, brought back a report from the recent Wizard World convention held in Los Angeles, which hosted a panel featuring the 'Heroes' creators and key creative personnel.

Among the tidbits revealed is a planned simultaneous DVD and HD DVD release for 'Heroes: Season One,' though no date has yet been set. Extras planned for the HD DVD version include a newly-cleared 72-minute original pilot episode, which first debuted at San Diego's ComiCon early last year. The show's producers also hope to include additional extras exclusive to the next-gen release, disc space permitting.

While a firm release date for 'Heroes: Season One' has not yet been announced by the series' home video distributor, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, a planned August launch is currently expected, following a recent online leak of the studio's entire 2007 HD DVD line-up.

With so few TV on high-def titles currently in the marketplace, the show's fast-growing cult audience coupled with a very HD-ready visual style makes 'Heroes: Season One' easily one of the more anticipated next-gen titles of this year.


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Been very much looking forward to this. I have intentionally not watched any episode of this, knowing that it would be coming to HD-DVD. (You might be wondering why I want it if I haven't seen it, but I have seen previews and I love this genre)

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