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Should 2gb Have Its Licence Suspended For Continually Breaching Laws


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Sydney radio station 2GB has hit back in defence of its star presenter Alan Jones, who was found to have breached the industry code of conduct with his broadcasts during the Cronulla riots.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority found Alan Jones broadcast material that was likely to encourage violence or brutality and vilify people of Middle Eastern descent.

But the majority owner of radio station 2GB, John Singleton, has attacked the Authority and told Emma Alberici that Alan Jones has nothing to apologise for.



Jones breaches code with riot talk

Andrew Clennell

April 11, 2007

THE broadcaster Alan Jones may be forced to undergo "training" or a condition may be put into 2GB's licence to stop it allowing vilifying comments to go to air, after Jones was found to have breached the commercial radio codes of practice over pre-Cronulla riots comments.

Mr Jones was found to have breached the code by reading comments from a listener suggesting, in the week before the riots, that bikie gangs should head down to Cronulla to sort out Lebanese gangs.


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Is Jones an ass? Yep. Should 2GB be penalised?

I considered 'No' based on free speech considerations. I definitely believe that while Jone's case might merit some pretty heavy handed penalties, if you applied them them it would alter how other networks also broadcast (and not in a good way).

In the end I think a 3 day 'token slap' would cost the station a fair bit (beyond the 3 days off air) and it might see some networks / shock jocks pulling back a bit. Unlikely though


Peter Gillespie

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I tend to (sort of) agree with Peter on this one.............

It's easy to say "Let's blow up 2GB because we didn't like what they said", but the more you do this, the quicker comes the day when your favourite radio station is being shut down because it said something YOU agreed with, but it didn't sit too comfortably with the government of the day..............

As Evelyn Beatrice Hall (or Voltaire) may of said ...............

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."


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