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Philips Pf9966 42" Plasma - 2nd Hand Value Wanted.

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Hi all,

I'm considering selling my current TV to get a 36" or 40" Sony Bravia LCD (to get 1080p) and I'm hoping for suggestions as to it's worth on the 2nd hand (read: ebay) market.

So, the TV I have is a Philips PF9966 42" HD Plasma which is about 3 years old but in perfect working condition. It is a very good plasma and does everything up to (and including) 1080i, has 1 x HDMI, 2 x component and 1 x svideo inputs and of course also has Philip's patented Ambilight feature (which casts an ambient light around the TV to increase the effect of the picture as I'm sure you know). I also have the original packaging etc. I'm only selling it because I just bought a PS3 and want to be able to use 1080p with it.

I can't find anyone selling the same TV on eBay so I have *no* idea what I should be asking for it... anybody care to give me what they think it might realistically be worth?



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