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Thinking Of Buying A Pvr ---

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Can't get Ebay at work, but if the model numbers match as you say then its an SD PVR. Easy way to double check is look at the drive size (HD is usually 160Gb and up, SD is usually 160Gb and down). What did it sell for? Generally I can't see a HD PVR going for much under $650. You've presumably posted enough to note dgtech's reputation on this forum?


Peter Gillespie

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I been looking at buying a Analog PVR either the LG80 Gig or the

Pioneer DVR645H Region Free DVD-R/-RW Recorder with 250Gb Hard Disk Drive (HDD) & HDMI


The main purpose for it is I am going to be using this with is for Recording my PC games activity as I am a hard core online gamer.

I don't want to hear any thoughts about recording on the PC using software as more reasons that I care to tell you, but the main ones are that I am recording live online games that use anti cheat, and they auto detect "extra directX hooks" and shut down the game and because rendering the game afterwards and recording it is very slow, even on my Dual core AMD5000xp.

I was looking at the Pioneer ones because they have the USB port and I am hoping after recording a game I can transfer it back to the PC and to extra amount editing.

Does any one know if the USB port on the pioneer supports 2 way transfer or is it just for taking stuff from camcorders ETC onto it and not the other way around.

I am thinking otherwise just to get the cheap LG80gig and burn stuff onto DVD when I am down to put back onto the PC.

I was also somewhat tempted to get this one as it has a built in ethernet but it's getting pretty far out what I am willing to spend.


Anyone have any thoughts or good input on the subject?

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