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Wanting To Sell: Samsung R71 Series 32" Lcd (black)

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Continuing from topic title.... the TV has about 29months remaining on its warranty. It is in perfect condition, picture quality is great and there is no dead pixels on the screen. I just need a bigger TV for the new house that I have moved into, 32 inch isnt quite big enough from 3-3.5meters.

Any advice on a price I should be aiming for, or any suggestions of where to sell it for top dollar would be much appreciated.

Also, if anyone wants it im in Geelong, VIC.



EDIT: Im thinking ebay is not the best place, cause then i'll have to complete on price with all the factory seconds resellers.

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Howdy there,

Well seeing as people can get them for around $1550 - $1600 now I think perhaps $1000-$1100 is a good place to start. Maybe even a bit less.

As for where to sell it? I'm not really sure where you can get the most from it, just try advertising in a few places, the more coverage the better =)

Good luck with it!

P.S. - I would have bought it if you were in Sydney! I have one and it is great!

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