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Strange Cable/signal Issue

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I have a Videomate T750 Dual TV tuner card. Outdoor antenna, quad screened cable into a splitter, one side to a digtal TV the other to the tuner card. I connected the cable into the card and could not get any digital channels. I then plugged cable into the signal splitter supplied with the card and can get good analog channels but limited digital channels. The digital channels vary greatly sometimes I can get all, sometimes none. I found out by accident that if I unplug the signal splitter from the card and just have the outer screen connectors touching with no connection to the centre conductor I get all digital channels working perfectly. The digital TV works fine, the signal strength indicates about 70%.

Anyone have an idea of what is happening?

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The T750 has got what is refured to as a "Silicon Tuner" that bieng that the whole thing is made from silicon with no coils & other passive compents that would be required.

These tuners are very senistive & are easley overloaded causing loss of digital signals.

The fix would be to use an attenuator ahead of the tuner & that should fix your problem.

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I find it hard to believe that you can use a sampling filter at 820 MHz and get channels 0f 7 MHz. Even if this is the case you need an analog to digital converter first. This would be susceptable to any inferference from power mains, FM radio and other TV transmitters. This would be impossible.

I suggest it is just a conventional tuner which is either more sensitive than most or has a poor automatic gain control.


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