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Reception Loss

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I started using a set top box to pick up digital TV some 5 months ago. Apart from a little inconsistency, it has worked quite well, giving crisp clear reception.

Last week, however, there has been no SBS, Prime or Win after about 7:00 pm at night. Reception seems to be fine during the day, but around 6:00ish the pictures start to pixelate and soon are unwatchable. ABC, ABC2 and Southern Cross (TEN) are unaffected.

I am picking up the signal from Mt Arapiles, some 30 km West of Horsham, (I believe).

Things I have tried...

- soft boot of STB

- hard boot of STB

- rescan of all channels on STB

- reading books

- doing jigsaws

I would appreciate any thoughts as to what may be happening. I know there is not much to go on, but maybe others are having a similar experience in the Horsham area.



"Quantity varies as 1/Quality"

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Since the ABC and Southern Cross are unaffected it is unlikely to be the antenna or its cabling.

As AlanH says, shouldn't be the antenna or cabling, but just for ease of mind. Your antenna should be pointing at around 250 degrees magnetic.. A bit south of due west.

And I guess you should be able to see it from Horsham. There's nothing in the way.

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As I couldn't post it as a new topic, I thought this was the most appropriate place to find out what's going on with my DTV.

I'm in Albury, receiving my TV from Mt Baranduda and my reception has been normal (over a period of 2 years) until the last two weeks or so. I seem to lose ABC & SBS every night and also get lower signal & quality on commercial stations. Usually in the morning, things seem to return to somewhere closer to normal (ABC & SBS come back and commercials improve).

I have tried several rescans, factory resets, reboots & firmware downloads to my PVR, none of which improves things. I have also checked my cabling & antenna for any possible damage but all is well.

Does anybody know if there's been any work going on at the transmitter or anything else which would explain what's going on?

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