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Epson Projector For $999 At The Good Guys

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Hey guys well i was just looking about and came across a lil Epson projector and i was looking for something cheap that gets the job done So i'll post a link and can you tell me you think of it because I know nothing about projectors thanks.


No one here has that model PJ.

The old saying is "you get what you pay for", and at that PJ price you will be disappointed. Get the Epson TW700 for around $2K if you can, its a ripper.

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I dont think you will be disappointed ,at that price I have no doubt it will do the job.

A mate has a similar projector but its an older model (I think, but it could well be the same one), its only 800x600 resolution, which means it cant even render standard definition properly and is well below suitable level for widescreen material.

The contrast ratio is poor and is around 500:1 and the optics are cheap.

Connectivity is ordinary with only one vga/component connection, but as its original purpose is as a data projector and not for cinema usage thats pretty standard.

My mate uses his as his TV in his lounge room which is not kept all that dark during the day and the picture is surprisingly good. The flexibility of placement is good as he evens takes it into the bedroom and has no trouble projecting onto the roof to watch a movie in bed.

Would I buy one? No, at least not for home cinema use. I agree with foxtail, save another grand and buy the epson tw700 you wont be disappointed.

I found this link which I think is the projector in good guys.


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I think the only projector worth buying at below $1k is the BenqW100, this is a proper home theatre projector. Computeralliance.com.au sell it for $995. It will get the job done and look good while it's doing it.

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