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Ps3 Deals For A Bit Longer

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I bought my PS3 yesterday from EBgames. I asked if they would match Toys R Us on a deal and they didn't ask what it was or ask for a catalog. They just handed me my PS3, motorstorm & Fall of man for $1099. Not the best deal on the planet but better than nothing. Considering NO one has any deals atm....including Toys R Us :blink:

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Walked into TRU today - they have an ongoing package deal for the PS3 - identical to their pre-order special (minus the extra game at 50% off).

For $1099.97, they are selling the console, plus Resistance: FOM and Motorstorm + $900 in coupons.

Seems okay, except for the fact they don't offer extended warranties - bit risky for an expensive item that only has 1 year factory warranty.

Powerhouse also ran a deal last weekend, they offered for $1099 - console, plus 2 controllers, Sony PS3 remote and Motorstorm. I would think you could get either JB or HN to match these deals quite easily - there would be a decent margin to work with. A few games ie Motor storm/FOM and F1 are also down to $79 at JB so looks like prices are starting to come down a bit. :blink:

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