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Petition: Bring Free Ps3 Offer To Australia

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Are PS3’s so unpopular that they need to be given away?

PS3 is hexy for a games console, although not a bad price considering it's overall abilities.....however, SONY seem to be hated these days, and on top of that, there are SFA launch titles available, IOW, sales of PS3 consoles will pick up once the price drops, and once more games hit the market.

It has card readers and options for bluetooth and attachable USB key board and mouse, so if you had an old PC, say something with a 9600pro or there abouts in it, you could buy the PS3 and genuinely use it as an upgraded media hub....but if you have a half decent PC, and aren't real keen on Bluray, then all you're left with is a handful of "games".

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