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Persistent Subtitle Problem: Optus

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I don't know if this is the right spot for this enquiry, as it is only slightly to do with reception problems.

I have a Coles MTV SD STB - one of the el-cheapo ones from earlier in the year.

I am not hard of hearing, but have subtitles turned on anyways, just for the heck of it.

Usually, this is fine. But when the Optus ad comes on, the one which ends with the word "YEAH", the subtitle of the word "YEAH" persists at the top centre of screen.

If I'm watching the TV, I can get the "YEAH" to go away by pausing and unpausing the feed.

But if I'm recording something, then that "YEAH" can be stuck there for half an hour or more! It clears itself when new subtitles come on, or just disappears after a LONG time indeed.

Now, thing is, this ONLY happens with the Optus ad. No other subtitle persists.

The question ... WHY the HECK is this happening???!!!



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The question ... WHY the HECK is this happening???!!!

Hi CatieB,

Each caption that is being broadcast stays on until it is replaced by a new caption on the same vertical position OR until a 'blank' caption is transmitted. By the looks of it, the 'blank' isn't being sent for the 'Yeah' caption, and as it is sitting at an odd position i.e. not the usual place for subtitles, it will stay on forever! A mistake on behalf of the producer of the commercial. Many STB's do have a watchdog function that blanks captions automatically after a period of inactivity but the MTV unit obviously not.


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