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Connection And Conversion Of English Dvd Recorder

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Going to try and roll a couple of questions up here. I have a Panasonic EX75 DVD recorder which I have brought over from the UK. Firstly can I get anything to convert it to pickup tv reception here on digital, someone had suggested that it would be possible to some how fix on a SD module? Anyone no more about this?

Secondly, I need to have it converted to region free, I could take it panasonic and have them do it but if It can be done in a shop somewhere that would be great. I live in St Leonards, Sydney.

Thirdly, when I buy my new LCD screen and connect it with my dvd recorder via HDMI what else do I need to consider, I have the DVD recorder connected via digital to my surround amp. My DVD recorder obviously has scart and component. I have a foxtel box which also connects via component.

Should I connect the foxtel via component directly to my dvd recorder, and connect this to the tv via HDMI/Component?

Hope someone can help me out here and answer some or all of these.



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If there is recording inputs then buy a set top box and plug it in. Preferably in this order of quality; DVI, Component y, Cr, Cb SCART, Svideo, composite PAL.

The only disadvantage of this arrangement is that it will not change channel under timer control unless the STB will.


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