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Another Dvd Player Thread

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I know everyone ask these type of questions so sorry in advance

Im in need to a region free dvd player and would like to go with HD DVD but will need to play region free

im looking to spend around $500

I have been looking for awhile and found some good recommendations with the Brand Oppo which one would be the best and where to buy one from.

I dont mind buying from overseas as long as they play Aus Dvd's/Region Free.

Which one is the better one. displayed with a projector 106" Sanyo z4




anyone got any recomendation?



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Just quickly, these are all upconverting SD DVD players, all can be made region free

970 is cheapest, hdmi, up to 1080i, no NR of EE like the others, has problems with deinterlacing PAL, not a problem if you have an external VP and is in fact the best choice if you have an external VP

971 is dearer, dvi, up to 1080i, doesn't have above PAL problem, no SACD like the others though

981 is dearer still, hdmi but no component, up to 1080p

Easiest just to look here: http://www.oppodigital.com/opdv971h_compare.html

Has great comparison table, and summary at the bottom.

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